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Investments, Group Benefits, Insurance

You have goals for your family and future, financial decisions deserve a professional opinion. We can help. Finding the right financial solutions to help you meet your goals and protect your future is what we do.

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    Who We Help

    Families & Individuals

    Do you have life insurance? Have you created a retirement plan? Have you set goals? Do you track those goals? Do you make plans but never execute?

    Businesses & Business Owners

    Do you have a group benefits and/or group retirement plan for your employees? If so, is it competitive? We audit plan designs!

    About Us

    We know you have many choices when it comes to financial solutions. Our honest advice and timely and friendly service sets us apart from the competition.


    Our personal and honest communications will make you feel like a friend.


    Our access to multiple providers enables us to objectively recommend the best solutions for your unique situation.

    80+ Years of Experience

    You deserve the best. Our combined experience gives us the knowledge and expertise to guide you every step of the way.


    It feels good to have some one who understands you and your community. We have raised or are raising our families locally. We know what it feels like to want them protected and cared for. We want the same for you as we do for our families.

    Our Services

    Retirement Planning

    Let us help you achieve your goals with a financial plan tailored to your individual circumstances.

    Group Benefits

    As a business owner you know the importance of attracting & retaining valuable employees. We can help you set up a competitive plan within your budget.

    Life Insurance

    The right combination of life insurance, critical illness and disability coverage is the best way to protect your family.

    Other Services

    Registered Retirement Savings Plan

    Registered Education Savings Plan

    Registered Disability Savings Plan

    Registered Retirement Income Fund

    Locked-in Retirement Account

    Financial Planning Services

    Insurance Analysis

    Group Retirement Benefit Plans

    Critical Illness Insurance

    Group Retirement Benefit Analysis

    Tax Free Savings Accounts

    Group Health Benefit Analysis

    Disability Insurance

    Education Planning

    Group Benefits Plans

    Investment Funds

    Portfolio Review

    Retirement Planning

    Life Income Fund

    Life Insurance

    Segregated Funds



    Meet the Team

    Gary McInnis

    Gary has been working in the financial industry for 50 years. He is dedicated to his clients and has consistently been recognized as one of the top brokers in the country.

    Ryan Harder MBA, CFP CLU
    Certified Financial Planner

    Ryan has 15 years experience helping families achieve their financial goals.

    Andy Anthony
    Financial Advisor

    Andy has 12 years experience in the financial industry. He specializes in group benefits and group retirement services for businesses.

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